Play piano by ear using chords - piano playing by ear

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Play piano by ear

You can learn how to play piano by ear using chords....

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Play piano by ear using chords

How To Play Piano By Ear

     Would YOU like to learn how to

Play the Piano by Ear...


Play piano by ear using chords!

without using printed music....just by learning some Chords and using your sense of up and down to play songs you've always wanted to play?

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From: Duane

Can YOU really learn to play ear? play piano by ear

Here's a quick quiz so you can find out:
Piano playing using chords by ear

  • Quick! Go look in a mirror! Do you have ears  Music by ear protruding from the side of your head? Good. Now hold your arms  out about waist high and see if you have fingers  Play the piano using both hands on the end of your hands. Do you? Super. That's great news, because it means.... YOU CAN DO IT TOO ! -

  • Throw away your sheet music!  sheet music- don't really have to throw it away, but instead of having to read all those notes, you can use it as a MAP map-- to guide you like a map does -- the hills and the valleys of the song.
  • Can you hum a tune? music note- If you can hum a tune, you can take that tune and reproduce it on the keyboard, simply by going up (higher) when the song you're humming goes up, and down (lower) when the song you are humming moves lower. This is NOT brain surgery -- it's just common sense applied to the piano.

  • Have you always wanted to play?  piano keys- Don't waste your time learning to play piano by ear if you don't love music, because otherwise you will soon lose interest. But if you are attracted to piano music, and have always wanted to play, this is your chance...

  • Can you keep a beat? drums & guitar A good sense of rhythm is not absolutely necessary, but it sure helps. If you find yourself tapping your toes or keeping time with your fingers when music is playing, that's an indication that you CAN keep a beat. - One of the neat things about playing by ear is this: It doesn't matter at all whether the instrument you use is a piano, an electronic keyboard (such as a Yamaha, Casio, Roland, etc.) or a synthesizer or even an organ -- it's all the same. You play the tune with your right hand, and learn to match chords and keep the beat with your left hand.

  • Would you like to entertain your friends and family?  Piano lessons- It's true -- if you can play the piano by ear, you'll be surrounded by family and friends either singing along or just watching you play! And once you know the principles of playing by ear, you can not only ENTERTAIN your friends and family, but you can also TEACH them how to do it too! It's not at all hard once you get the hang of it!

  • Would you like to play in a group? play music in a groupOne of life's greatest pleasures is playing music in a group. There's just nothing like it in terms of satisfaction and a feeling of "family". Some people want to play in a worship group at church. Others want to play in a combo or band in some style, such as Country-Western, Pop, Rock, or Jazz. Still others want to learn to accompany themselves on the piano as they sing -- and play for other singers as well. - One of life's greatest pleasures is playing music in a group. There's just nothing like it in terms of satisfaction and a feeling of "family".

  •  Would you like your kids to learn to play?-Musical family  Did you know that a parent who plays is MUCH MORE LIKELY to have kids that play. It's not rocket science to figure out why, is it. When kids are around piano music, they pick it up. And when Dad or Mom can show them how to form a chord or play a riff or pick out a tune....well, the sky's the limit.

How To Play Piano By Ear... Without Written Music!

Playing by ear is really a combination of of three factors:

1. Using your tonal memory to recall music you have heard:

2. Using your ears and fingers to help you reproduce what you recall;

3. Using what you are going to learn in this course -- "melody contour" (the "shape" of the tune), "chord structure" (how to form the chords on the keyboard to match the tune), and "chord progressions" (the path chords take as they move through a song).

     Obviously, the first 2 steps you can take more or less by yourself -- you can mentally rehearse recalling a particular tune; you can sit at the piano for hours and through trial and error pick out tunes, chords, and rhythms. But the KEY to all this is what the course is really all about -- teaching you how to chart the shape of a tune, learn how to construct chords, and then determine the likelihood of chord progressions -- in other words, which chord comes next.

     When you get an understanding of step three, you will be in a MUCH better position to understand and profit from steps one and two!


     In case you're thinking to yourself right now, "I could never learn to play piano by ear," let me assure you that your judgment is premature -- you CAN learn to play by "ear". The reason I am so sure about that is because I have learned something most people don't realize -- that playing by "ear" is not entirely what the phrase implies.

     When you hear someone say, "Oh, I play by ear", you probably visualize a genius seated at a piano with a magical current of musical electricity running from his ear to his brain and down through his arms and into his fingers, where the current is then transformed into a sea of sound, with waves of rhythm and harmony breaking upon the eardrums of those less-endowed individuals sitting awe-struck nearby.

Man playing the piano

     I hate to disillusion you, but 'taint so! 

     I know, because I'm one of "those people" who can play "like that" and I guarantee you that at one time I was VERY impressed, as perhaps you are now, with pianists who could play by "ear." I had to learn to use my ear in conjunction with my brain before I could play "by ear", and you can use exactly the same techniques I used in learning to play -- except you have it easy -- I've figured it all out and have broken it down into easy steps.

Why should you learn from Duane?  Duane Shinn piano lessons

     There are people who can play by ear, but can't teach worth beans because they don't understand what they are doing. Duane, on the other hand, has turned playing by ear into a science -- and he teaches so you can understand how everything works.

     He is the author of over 500 courses in piano playing, and is sometimes referred to as "the man who wrote the book on piano playing". He loves to show people how to play piano, and his enthusiasm comes across strongly on his DVD videos.

     People who started out skeptical are now enthusiastic:

"I had to e-mail you and tell you that I just finished watching " How to Play by Ear by Chords" and " How to Play More Notes Without Reading More Notes" and they are THE BEST!!! They are going to help me so much because I play from a fake book most of the time. GOD BLESS YOU, DUANE."

Teresa (E-mail Dec. 24, 2002)

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     As you watch the DVD you will receive with the course, it will begin to dawn on you that this is much easier than you ever thought possible! Then your confidence will surge as you begin to do the very things you see me do on the DVD video!

     Here's what you'll get:

music note" How To Play Piano By Ear!" -- the great course in BOOK form.


How to play piano by ear music book

    music note The instructional DVD video " How To Play Piano By Ear!" -- so you can see my hands and hear each note and chord.



    music note The audio CD " How To Play Piano By Ear!" Lots of people listen to the CD as they drive to work or as they work around the house! You'll get a DOUBLE DOSE by listening to the CD after watching the video!



Here's how to get your free bonus gifts!

  Piano keys

music note Free Bonus Gift #1 (Not for sale! Get it FREE with your order! $10. Value) Bonus #1: The "Major Chord Locator" that slips behind the piano keys to help you easily locate any major chord!

music note Free Bonus Gift #2 (Also not for sale -- only available as a gift with your order! $10. Value) Bonus #2: The "Melody Contour Chart" to aid you in recalling tunes of songs!

music note Free Bonus Gift #3 (The only way to get this great chart is by getting it FREE right now right here when you order the entire course! $25. Value) Bonus #3: The "Chord Prediction Chart" to help you choose which chord comes next! This chart is worth it's weight in gold -- almost no one knows the secret of chord prediction! But you will when you receive this chart as a bonus!

   music note  If all this were not enough, I am going to GIVE you an entire course titled

"How To Play The Piano By Ear...Using Chords!"


You CAN Learn To Play Piano By EAR...using Chords!

...with this exciting DVD course that teaches you how to play by ear based on the "family of chords"!

I'm going to include this $100. course as a FREE BONUS !

musical note

This course sells for $100 in our catalog and will teach you how to not only play by ear, but to use a FAKE BOOK ( a fake book is a huge book of songs -- usually one thousand or more -- where only the tune of the song is given along with the chord symbols). When you learn how to use a fake book in combination with what you will learn about playing by ear, there is no limit to how good you could get, or how many songs you could learn to play! This course includes a music noteBOOK of songs in "lead sheet" format, like you would see in a fake book, plus a music noteDVD video that walks you through each song and shows you how to arrange each song using chords, fills, runs, riffs, etc. It also includes a music noteBONUS CHART of CHORDS in picture format, plus a One-Of-A-Kind CHART titled music note"The Family of Chords" showing which chords occur frequently in each of the 12 keys! Amazing stuff that almost nobody knows! Not available anywhere else in the world!

All this is in  ADDITION to the course on playing by ear which includes the BOOK, the DVD, and the 3 amazing CHARTS!

Yours for exciting piano playing,


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music note1. The BOOK: "How To Play Piano By Ear!" -- the great course in BOOK form.

music note2. The DVD "How To Play Piano By Ear!" -- so you can see my hands and hear each note and chord.

               (This course alone sells for $100.00 in our catalog.)

music note3. The CD "How To Play Piano By Ear!" Lots of people listen to it as they drive to work or as they

               work around the house! You'll get a DOUBLE DOSE by listening to the CD after

                 watching the DVD video!

music note4. The "Magic Chord Locater" ($10. value) to help you find each chord.

music note5. The "Melody Contour Chart" ($15. value) to aid you in recalling tunes of songs.

music note6. The "Chord Prediction Chart" ($25. value) to help you figure out what chord comes next.

music note7. The DVD VIDEO "How To Play Piano By Ear...Using Chords" -- to teach you how to use a
               "fake book" like the pros use. This is a different course than the "How To Play Piano By Ear"
                 course listed as #2 above. (This fantastic course alone sells for $100. in our catalog!)

music note8. The BOOK of songs in LEAD SHEET format,  ($15. value) as you would find in a fake book.

music note9. The great "MAJOR CHORD CHART" ($15. value) showing all the major chords  in picture form!

music note10. The One-Of-A-Kind CHART titled "The Family of Chords" ($25. value) showing which

                 chords occur frequently in each of the 12 keys! How valuable would that be to

                  know what the most likely chords are in any song?

       Amazing stuff that almost nobody knows!

Play piano by ear using chords! How To Play Piano By EarPlay piano by ear using chords!

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